Historic Laguna or Acoma McCarty’s Small Olla

Item: 1005

Origin: Laguna or Acoma
Date: Circa 1890

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 7 3/4″ tall, 10″ diameter

Description: This small polychrome jar (5 colors  – red, orange, tan, brown, black) with unusual deep browns  has botanical design features surrounding it.  The leaf patterns and red dots are characteristic of Laguna work. Inside the jar are 2 purposely placed interior red dots, perhaps the potters signature.

Restoration: There has been no restorations on this jar and there are no breaks or cracks. There is surface wear more apparent on one side.

Provenance:  Originally from a distinguished western U.S collection then to Lyn Fox, Fine Pueblo Pottery in Santa Fe, NM.

Price: Sold

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