Historic Zuni Bowl

Item: 1003

Origin: Zuni
Date: Circa 1870

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 4 1/4″ tall, 11″ diameter

Description: This highly decorated Zuni bowl is a great example of the type and form.  The external decorations are the classic stepped feathered forms that have been consistently used for hundreds of years.  The interior is more original to this specific piece, and has two linked capped spirals connected to a central double bordered circle.  The rim has a slight out flare to it.  The paint is bold and clearly applied with good precision.

Restoration/Condition: There has been no restoration work on this bowl.  The condition is excellent with no cracks or chips.  There is surface wear consistent with its age.

Provenance:  From the collection of Al Anthony, Adobe Gallery, Santa Fe NM. This bowl was reportedly a purchase by the James Stevenson group that visited the Zuni Pueblo in 1879 and again in 1881 as an agent for the Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology.  An earlier statement accompanying this bowl says that the number “3” is the only digit left on this bowl as proof that it was a part of the Stevenson collection.  This number “3” is fond on the side of the bowl in the middle of the white slipped are.  One can see the number “3” in the forth photo. The statement claiming the Stevenson associated with  accompany the bowl when purchased.

Price: SOLD

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