Historic Zuni Water Jar

Item: 440

Origin: Pueblo – Zuni
Date: : Circa 1865 – 1875
Media: Clay
Dimensions: 11″ tall, 14″ diameter

Description:  Wonderful early Zuni water jar, or olla, with classic spirals in three parts separated with daggers in vertical form also in 3 parts.  Notice how the edge of the dagger boundary along the sides is the arm of the spiral.  The spirals are beautiful in form with plenty of space around them, a feature more common with earlier ollas.  The daggers along the sides appear to be caged, turning with energy almost in an attempt to escape their confines from the spiraled arms.   The sharp contrast between the deep brown painted forms and the white foundation makes for a crisp design.  The rim has eroded over time from use with the ladle cutting into the edge.  The bottom also shows much use as it has grounded down over time where it made contact with the floor.  The shoulder coming to a horizontal position before flaring up towards the rim gives this jar a strong sense of grounding.  The movement of the daggers going around the rim arch in such a fashion to compliment the form of the jar.  This olla was originally sold by Dewey – Kafron Gallery sometime between 1975 and 1983.

Price: SOLD

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