Large Historic Cochiti Storage Jar

Item: 940

Origin: Cochiti Pueblo
Date:  Circa 1880

Media: Clay with slip

Dimensions: 19″ diameter, 14.5″ tall


What is most pronounced about this beautiful jar is its simplicity. This large storage jar is widest at the midbody then goes to a soft shoulder that gently swoops up to the rimmed neck. An undulating, thick coil meanders around the neck, looking both snake and cloud like. The main body is separated into 5 sections, each section divided by an hourglass shape with an interior space centered with a large, singular flower. These simple elements are contained in a predominantly open field background. This open field, done with a soft, golden slip, contributes to the power of the chosen elements. The underbody is banded at the upper portion with the classic Cochiti dark red slip. Below this, the base is more of an orange red that carries all the way to its base.

This jar was likely made for personal home use, and was not something to be sold to the tourists. It is rare to have such a large, powerful and personal Pueblo ceramic like this on the market.

Provenance: This jar was originally purchased from Lyn Fox in Santa Fe, NM.

Condition: The jar is intact with no breaks and no cracks.

Price: SOLD

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