Navajo Banded Wearing Blanket

Item: 982

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1870

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 66.5″ x 44″

Description: This banded blanket was one of those common blankets that should not have lasted this long, especially in original condition with no holes and all selvage in tact.  The indigo on this piece in generous in quantity (compared with other banded blankets of that era) and superior in quality.  The blue is a lighter color (suggesting an earlier date as well) and is very pure in how it’s taken to the original white wool.  The play of indigo next to the brown/black yarns is exciting, resembling the deep blue sky just after sunset set off by the black mountain ranges adjacent.

This blanket has several unique and interesting features.  The selvage on the same end, both sides, changes to an indigo green for the last 6″ or so of the blanket.  This same green yarn shows up one other time in the blanket adjacent to the indigo yarns as weft.  The final photo shows this green ply.  The end with the green selvage has a type of signature on each side of the blanket, like a horizontal “V”.  While these intentional additions can occur in Navajo blankets, they are very rare.  I have no explanation for their existence. Finally, the weaver augments the background cream white weft with occasional grey wefts, as if to add more dimension to the background.

Restoration: The existing selvage that became loose has been stabilized and there is no new selvage on this blanket.  The corners are original.

Price: Sold

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