Early Blue Bordered Manta with Light Indigo

Item: 963

Origin: Pueblo, likely Hopi
Date: Circa 1860

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 48″ x 37.5″

Description: This exceptional manta is fine in both weaving and handle and has an amazing light indigo blue for the diamond twill borders and as well an even lighter indigo blue for the selvages.  The warps on this blanket appear to be a light grey color or possibly a very light indigo blue.  The warps on these mantas tend to be dark brown to black.  This light colored warp helps to reinforce the lighter blue in the diamond twill, so instead of competing with it if it were dark, these warps instead help to enforce the pure indigo color. The lighter colored indigo as selvage beautifully frames both the indigo diamond twill and the brown diagonal twill found in the body.  All selvages and tassels are original.  The striations of lighter brown wefts adjacent to darker brown wefts contribute significantly to the power of this manta.   The depth of field here is like seeing hundreds of horizon lines all at once.

Restoration: No restoration has taken place on this weaving, other than early darning in the body of the blanket to secure weak areas.

Provenance: Private collection of Chris Selser

Price: SOLD

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