Navajo Child’s Manta Circa 1880

Item: 913

Origin: Navajo
Date: Late 19th Century

Media: Wool
Dimensions:  39.5″ x 31″

Description: This manta is a sweet, and soft (in both look and feel) blanket that is very well woven.  The gradations in the red add a textural quality to the background.  The brown bands are similar, with dark brown occasionally interspersed with lighter brown lines.  The cream white and brown are natural sheep’s wool, all handspun. The red is assumed to be a synthetic red even thought the hue has a cochineal color look to it. The colors are equal on each side.

Restoration:  A small area of restoration was done to fix a hole. All the selvage is original except for about 6″.


Price: 4500

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