Navajo Rug with Two Houses and Directional Symbol

Item #: 693
Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1930
Media: Wool
Dimensions: 54.5 x 41″
Description: This powerful, folky Navajo rug has a bold sense about it.  The bottom house has a chimney with smoke, the upper house is minimally interpreted.  The door to each house has a hint of white yarn in the center, suggesting a small window, or perhaps a point for energy to move out?  I wonder if we are looking at a summer and winter home?  This seasonal approach makes even more sense with the 4 directional symbol, in proud and bold glory.  The reds are beautifully variegated and the simple border of red against dark carded grey wool gives the central energy a strong boundary.  Finally, notice the two sideways “V” lazy lines facing each other like brackets, seen at the top within the white border, just above the “summer” house, as if representing the 7th chakra, working its ethereal mojo… just my own interpretation.

Price: $3500

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