19th C. New Mexican Chipped Carved Pine Frame with Print of Mother Mary

Item: 1105

Origin: Spanish Colonial New Mexican
Date: : Circa 1850
Media: Pine and paper
Dimensions: 16.75″ x 9.5″

Description: This is a very rare New Mexican chip carved frame with a print of Mother Mary.  At the based of the print is titled Sacred Heart of Mary. She looks longingly upper towards God. The red rosette carved above is continuous with the board.  A frame with early nails surrounds the print.

Condition: Unrestored, this print is in original condition.  While it is well worn, the print is in very good condition and Mother Mary’s face is strong and bold.  There is an inventory number on the back L.L.F 508.

Provenance: These came from the collection of Lane Coulter, of Coulter Brooks in Santa Fe, NM

Price: SOLD

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