Ornate Spanish Colonial Corn Husk Pine Box

Item: 881

Origin: Possibly New Mexican
Date: : Late 18th C to early 19th C
Media: Pine, corn husk
Dimensions: 11.5″ x 6.15″ x 6.5″

Description:  This rare box has a slightly domed top.  It has early metal hinges and the fasteners are wood pegs.  The box is ornately covered in corn husk with varied designs on each surface outside of the base. If this originated in what is now New Mexico, then I imagine it was made by a Spaniard from Mexico as its high level of refinement suggest a higher order than was typically made in the early Southwest. All other indications point towards New Mexico, with the pine wood, the method of pegged and hinged construction and the use of corn husk for imagery.

Condition:  This box is in amazing condition considering its age.  That being said, there are many small areas where the corn husk has fallen off.  Shrinkage over time has pulled the fascia away from the main box frame in several locations.

Price: SOLD

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