Lakota Sioux Courting Flute

Item: 895

Origin: Sioux – Lakota Tribe
Date: : Later 19th to early 20th Century
Media: Wood, hide, paint
Dimensions: 23″ long, 1 3/8″ diameter

Description:  This colorful flute has 7 bands of color; moss green, dark green, black, coral red and natural wood all in alternating form.  7 Hide ties dangle from the hollowed out tube of wood that comes to a point at one end.  A horse shaped carving sits on the top where the blocking apparatus (lost and not a part of this flute) would at one time have sat. There is evidence at this point that the paint color yellow was used adjacent to this hole, either as an older layer showing up under the moss green, or a different band of color that has been mostly lost.   The flute shows good use and age, both to the wood surface as swell as to the wear on the paint surfaces.  This came out of a private collection in New Mexico.

Condition:  No breaks and chips to the wood, other than wearing patterns to the surface paint.  The stand is being sold with the flute.

Price: SOLD

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