Pair Of Hopi Leggings

Item: 1591

Origin: Hopi
Date: Early 20th Century
Media: Undyed brown wool
Dimensions: 15″ long, 4.5″ widest

Description:  This is a rare pair of hand knitted leggings for general wear.   The brown wool has a wondeful, warm color and it shows variations in the hue through out the leggings.  There is a border to it both at the top and bottom.  There are end pieces of wool yarn, each three ply, dyed either synthetic blue or indigo. I imagine that these pieces of yarn were used as the yarn to catch the bottom of the heal to secure the legging.

Condition: Very good with no restoration. The final photo shows a slit like hole that appears to be where the knitter finished the piece.

Provenance: Mark Sublette Gallery

Price: 850

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