Pueblo Basket Bowl

Item: 1318

Origin: Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan) Pueblo
Date: Early 20th Century

Media: Sumac sticks

Dimensions: 14″ diameter, 4″ tall

Description: This bowl came out of the Ohkay Owingey pueblo and while it appears to be Hopi made to me, I was told that it was Ohkay Owingeh made.  This is a simple and very usable basket bowl for fruit (commonly peaches), peppers or whatever.  It’s well made with a tonal shift in the colors creating a circle at the outer portion of the base.  I imagine that at one time there was more contrast to the colors than one sees now.  Time has faded the colors to an equal hue.  I was told that the color variation is more a choice of different colors of sumac sticks more than the use of dyes, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Condition:  Condition is very good.

Price: 295

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