Sikyatki Bowl

Item: 993

Origin: Hopi
Date: 1375 – 1625

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 10.75″ diameter, 4.75″ tall

Description: This bowl is a classic Sikyatki showing the highly restrained approach to design, both inside and out.  Inside is possibly the image of a butterfly, or, according to Tony Abeyta, a bowl resting on a blanket – like a bowl within a bowl.  The most inner design has a body and two wings, the edge of the wings adjacent to a cross hatched area within the circle.  This double banded circle (just like the actual bowl towards the rim) is set against an ocher colored rectangle taking on a bit of a trapezoidal shape due to the curvature of the inside bowl.   This circle within the trapezoid is a very pleasing arrangement – refined and understated. The inside towards the rim is bordered by two framing lines, the wider one breaking at one point whereas the inner, thinner one with no break.  The outside has a single design element at angle to the interior design.  The element is like a double spiral breaking on the inside to two stepped tails.  The outer edges of each side has fine teeth along the entire edge.

Restoration: No restoration and no breaks other than the crack evident in the photos that goes through to the inside.

Provenance:  From the private collection of James Owens, Corrales, NM. An extensive collection history can be seen on the final photo, of which none of the original owners are known.

Price: SOLD

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