Small Eastern Native American Finger Woven Beaded Bag

Item: 133

Origin: Likely Iroquois. Other Native tribes should be considered if, indeed, buffalo hair and hide is used.
Date: Late 18th to early 19th c.

Media: Wool, pony beads, silk (linen?)

Dimensions: 4.8″ by 3.65″

Description: This rare and early bag has pony beads integrated into the finger woven yarn.  The yarn is likely wool, but another person suggested it might be buffalo hair. The design is simple and bold.  The top is lined with an edging that appears to be silk.  A buffalo hide strip goes through the silk trim to secure the bag.

Condition:  Condition is excellent.

Provenance:  Trotto Bono, Santa Fe, NM

Price: 3950

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