Tomahawk with Axe and Handle

Item: 781

Origin: Plains Indian
Date: 18th c. to early 19th c.

Media: Wood and steel
Dimensions:  Haft with axe 22.5″, axe 5.8 x 2.5″

Description: The lines on this tomahawk, both the axe head and haft, make this piece sing.  The forged head has wonderful cutting to it. The graceful arching form to create the blade is in contrast to the faceted hammer head on the opposite end.   No marks on this head have been found, but it shows great patina and old dings from use.  The haft is beautiful in its graceful length, curvature and surface patina.  The whole haft surface, including the butt end, has been burnt with a very fine file to the fineness I have never seen.  There was at one time a drop 2/3 the way down the haft, where a double burnt hole is found on the underbelly (seen final photo below for this image).  The golden hue to the haft coupled with the burnt red fire marks makes for a stunning tool. This tool is delicate in a way, which is what makes me think that it’s of an earlier age, that coupled with the type of axe head.  While it may have been ceremonial, it does appear to have been used with the patina and dings.

Condition:  Excellent condition with no restoration.  The axe head wobbles a touch in the hold, which is to be expected with wood shrinkage with age. The drop is missing where there once was one.

Price: Sold

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