Plains Indian Pipe Stem with Bowl

Item: 465

Origin: Plains Indian (Sioux?)
Date: circa 1890

Media: Wood, catlinite, quills, horse hair and brass
Dimensions:  27″ stem with bowl. Stem 22.5″, bowl 6.15″ by 3.15″

Description: This pipe bowl and stem make an impressive sight.  The stem has meticulous quill work in white, red and a deep purple.  There are 8 brass tacks on a surface painted red with more than 50% of this paint worn off.  The end of the wood stem to fit into the pipe bowl is blackened from use. A tuft of orange dyed horse hair is synched under the stem with sinew.  The stem on the underbelly was not painted, so the patina shows beautifully with all the grains of the wood in full view (the final photo below). The catlinite pipe bowl has a nice tapered form to its end and shows blackening at the top of the chimney for further signs of old use.  The stand works well with the whole ensemble, giving space between the pipe bowl and stem showing dynamic energy between the two parts.

Condition:  The stem and bowl are in excellent condition with no restoration

Price: SOLD

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