Pueblo Felt Cap

This old Pueblo felt cap measures about 7″ in diameter and drops in length to 10.5″.  This cap dates to the late 19th century.  The body of the cap is pressed felt and the drops appear to be buckskin and ermine pelt based on the white remaining fur on one of the strips.  The colors include red, orange, black, yellow and blue.

This Pueblo cap came out of the collection of Taos resident and artist Charles Strong (born 1938, died 2013), a significant person in relation to the town and its arts.

This cap has insect damage and the evidence is visible around the perimeter and as well as the three patches on the inside to restore the outside portion.  The overall integrity of the cap is very strong even with the damaged areas.

A very similar cap sold at Cowan’s Auction in April of 2018 and has similar condition issues with evidence of restoration just like the one here.  Follow this link to the Cowan’s Pueblo Felt Cap.

This cap is in my gallery and available for viewing.  The price is $2800.

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