Virtual Walk and Sale of Historic Native and Tribal Art

What started out to be a Walk and Sale in Santa Fe, NM for historic Native and Tribal art, has now become a Virtual Walk and Sale.  We had all the hopes that a gallery walk, from August 14 to the 18, would be able to take place after the surge of COVID-19 began to dwindle.  But alas, that was not the case.  With viral cases surging all around New Mexico, it made no sense to advertise for all to come to Santa Fe to participate in this event.

In place of this actual walk, we have found a wonderful online platform to present an online, or virtual, show for all those with a computer or smart phone, to shop and browse from the safety of their own home. This virtual walk will start at 1 PM on August 14 and end at 5 PM on August 18.  Well over 60 galleries across the US will be participating and showing their best items for you to consider.

The actual Walk and Sale for the galleries with a location in Santa Fe will still be open during this event, unless the COVID-19 situation worsens and the town shuts down again.  We don’t anticipate that happening.  For those of you that are local, or that plan on coming to Santa Fe regardless, please visit us in our shops.  For more information, go to our website: to get more information and to see a full list of the participating galleries:

If, by chance, you have a gallery or are a private dealer looking for a place to represent your material, then please reach out and we may be able to include you in the Virtual Walk and Sale.  This online platform is simple to run and allows up to 15 items per participant with as many photos of each item as you like. With all the shows shut down for the summer, and with all the warnings about traveling, this Virtual Walk and Sale is a perfect way to represent excellent material as well as a place to find it!

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