19th C Zia Water Jar

Item: 1138

Origin: Zia Pueblo
Date: Circa 1870

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 9.5″ tall, 11.25″ diameter

Description: This jar has a very pleasing shape as it tends to be more rotund than it is tall, with a body that has both a strongly flexed under belly and as well a solid shoulder that almost goes horizontal.  The full body lifts to a neck with a relatively narrow opening at the top.  All of these features suggest a date of around 1870, before the Zia form elongated with a taller and longer neck and a body more elongated. The smaller opening at the top is also characteristic of an earlier jar.  The simple circulating design of connecting leaves has a strong feel of pottery designs coming out of the Laguna Pueblo.  But this is not Laguna – the clay, the heavier walls and the dark red band at the top of the underbody all speak Zia.

Condition:  The jar as several cracks that have all been stabilized with minimal repainting.

Price: SOLD

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