An Early and Fine Pueblo Blue Bordered Manta

Item: 1324

Origin: Hopi or Zuni
Date: Circa 1870 or earlier

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 48.5″ x 34.5″

Description: This is a classic Pueblo manta with wonderful and variegated indigo blue in the diamond twill boarders top and bottom. The handle is thin and fine.  The diamond twill is very fine. The wool is churro, showing the harder, shiny look the way churro gets as it ages.  The body is natural brown hand spun yarn in a diagonal twill pattern.    The indigo borders are hand spun natural brown wool and hand spun white wool dyed with indigo woven in a diamond twill pattern. There is evidence of black over dye in some areas.

It is hard to portray this blanket in photos, as the camera tends to bring in too much light.  As a result, I have shown photos here in varied light to try and get closer to the true colors.  There’s nothing like seeing the weaving in person.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with no restoration.  There are some shadow like stains (see the 5th photo) within one of the indigo borders that show up as slightly darker to the surrounding areas.

Price: 10,500

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