Hopi Banded Blanket with Indigo

Item: 276

Origin: Hopi
Date: Late 19th to early 20th C.

Media: Wool with natural colors and natural dyes

Dimensions: 64″ x 57″

Description: This beautiful banded blanket is coarsely woven and heavier making it a very textural weaving.  The wool feels wonderful, is soft and not prickly such that this blanket could be worn and wrapped around the body for comfort and warmth. The all colors appear to be natural, including various shades of indigo blue and soft yellow.  The creamy white and brown yarns are considered the natural sheep’s wool color. The design is a system of 5 complex bands.  Three of these bands are one system, and the other two another.  The center band becomes the most outer bands, and the other two are placed between. The close up photos below show the two banding systems.   Most wonderful and rare to see is the lightly colored indigo blue done in a alternating weft of white making it look like an ikat band. The final four photos show each of the corners.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with no restoration.  Both sides equal in intensity

Price: 8,750


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