Cochiti Water Jar With Dramatic Designs Circa 1870 – 1890

Item: 1234

Origin: Cochiti
Date: 1870 – 1890

Media: Clay, slip

Dimensions: 9.75″ tall, 11″ diameter

Description: This is a beautiful jar. The designs and the rotund shape are simple and bold.  There is a good deal of empty space in the surface of the jar, which is part of why I consider this an earlier jar and also what makes it so beautiful.  In addition, there are no framing lines used either between the designs nor at the base of the patterns just above the red band at the lower portion. The red band at the bottom is bold and rich in color.  The pattern is repeated twice and has a trifoliate design in the center of a trifold meandering framing line.  The neck is delineated by two framing lines and a series of linked scallops broadly made.

Condition:  There was a break to the lower portion of the jar. These pieces have been repaired and the breaks are visible only inside of the jar, not outside.  The final photo makes at attempt to show the cracks at the base of the jar.

Price: SOLD

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