Early Spanish Colonial Spouted Wood Bowl

Item: 1494

Origin: Spanish Colonial
Date: 18th or early 19th century
Media: Wood, paint
Dimensions: 11″ long, 4′ tall, 6.25″ wide

Description: This is a beautiful bowl in form and surface. The shape is oblong with a very nice degree of “swelling” right at the belly of the bowl. The external surface is  carved in low relief of leaves and flowers.  There remains in only a few areas red paint that must have covered a good part of this bowl.   One end of the bowl ends in a handle, the opposite end a spout for pouring liquid through.  The interior of the bowl has aged to a dark patina.  The darkness must, in part, be related to what this bowl was used for.  There are no smells to give away what is a very saturated surface.  The shiny interior suggests a substance with fat or oil. Close to midway on the top rim and across from each other is a small bump on one side and a smoothed out chip on the other.   There may have been some other part that attached to the bowl here allowing it to pivot and pour.  The bottom of the bowl has cared into it the word OASL.

Condition: The condition is excellent for its age. There are no cracks or breaks other than a small indent on the rim on one side.

Provenance:  From a collection of a Media executive

Price: 3400

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