Early Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan) Water Jar

Item #: 671
Origin: Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo)
Date: Circa 1830 – 1850
Media: Clay
Dimensions: 10.75″tall, 12.5″ diameter
Description: What a classic water jar this is!  This olla has a strong presence, both in form and surface.  The butterscotch un-slipped underbody on the lower half still comes through in the upper portion, giving great depth to the jar’s surface.  The golden black hue is spectacular. The rotund shape of the body rolling up to the neck with a bold shoulder gives this jar an anthropomorphic shape – not unlike a human form.  The slight out-flare at the top of the neck is a beautiful finish to the jar. The chipped rim shows years of wear.  This rim is not undulated, as found in the later Ohkay Owingeh jars, but is smooth all around.

While the rim is mostly chipped, there are a couple spots left that show the original rim surface.  The crack seen in the photos runs horizontal along the body for a length before dropping down towards the base.  This crack has been stabilized and is secure.  There has been no other restoration.

Price: $4200

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