Early Zuni Red Rimmed Bowl

Item: 771

Origin: Zuni
Date: First half of the 19th C.

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 5″ tall, 12″ diameter

Description: This bowl is an amazing hold over from an earlier time and likely dates somewhere between 1800 and 1860 and perhaps earlier.  The red rim, a characteristic that was phased out by around 1860, is visible in several of the photos herein. The intricate design on the inside shoulder, of which about one half remains, is a design and pattern I have never seen. The bowl has more of a Hopi stew bowl shape, but the clay is not of Hopi and is most likely Zuni.  The earthy orange slip is also more characteristic of Hopi. There is that early period that the Hopi took in the Zuni during an elongated period of drought and Spanish war fare. This bowl could have come out of that period.

Condition:  Condition is very good with surface wear and surface cracks visible in the photos. There are two cracks that go from the top downward into the body about 3″.  There has been no restoration or overpainting on this bowl. It’s as original as it can get.

Price: SOLD


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