Hopi Woman’s Leggings

Item: 930

Origin: Hopi
Date: Circa 1940

Media: Cotton, hand spun

Dimensions: 22.5″ long, 6″ wide.  As framed 33.25″ x 29.5″

Description: This pair of leggings are believed to be done by crochet.  They were most likely used during dances.  The fine zig-zag ribbing pattern runs the length of the leggings and is finished at each end with a border.  At the bottom of each is a simple stirrup to hold the foot.  The legging to the right has this stirrup in tact, the other is broken. At the top are two ties per legging to attach to the leg.

Condition:   Condition is as seen and considered to be excellent outside of minor breaks.  The pair are sewn onto a fabric board and then framed.

Price: $1750

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